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Cirkul flavor cartridges bring flavor and nutrients to water

*Available for purchase now. International shipping.* Do you need to drink more water? Customize your flavor with the turn of a dial!


Legacy Team LA


out of $20,000


on December 2019



What if you could transform your water into your favorite flavored beverage in an instant and customize it to your specific taste? No mixing. No stirring. No mess. Now you can, with Cirkul!

Our team has always encountered skeptics who wonder "Does it really work?" The answer is YES. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself!

Even NBA basketball player Frank Kaminsky has taken Cirkul for a spin...

When a cartridge is inserted into the top of the Cirkul bottle, water flows from the tilted bottle through the lid, delivering delicious flavor to the user. Simply fill the bottle with water, insert the flavor cartridge into the lid, screw it in, and turn the dial to flavor.

As you drink, water flows from the bottle into the lid where it mixes with flavor from the cartridge. A one-way valve prevents the flavor from entering the bottle keeping it completely clean and allowing the user to change flavor levels at will, from plain to fully flavored water, dialing in their exact flavor from sip to sip!​

 photo BottlePourGif_zps3al222kw.gif

Using a patented bottle and flavor cartridge system, you can dial-in your exact taste preferences from one of our refreshing, all-natural flavors. We’ve designed our cartridges specifically so that your flavors won’t leak and the water in your bottle will remain pure, meaning no mess, no residue, and fewer cleanings.

Easily insert the flavor cartridge into the top of the bottle filled with plain water. Then, choose the intensity of your flavor by rotating the head of the cartridge to settings between pure water and full flavor.

 photo giftest4_zpsdfcbryyv.gif

You can choose between LifeSip (flavors enriched with essential B-vitamins), FitSip (flavors containing electrolytes), and GoSip (caffeinated flavors).

Fruit Punch

Fruit punch is a classic. A little citrus. A little sweetness. It’s like the Beatles of flavors; the perfect blend of fruity notes that just works.

Coconut Pineapple

Coconut and pineapple are independently refreshing. But together? They taste like a Caribbean cruise. This flavor will leave your tastebuds doing the merengue. Suntan not included.

Sweet Tea & Lemon

There are few things more American than enjoying sweet tea on a summer day. Preferably on a porch swing. Our Sweet Tea and Lemon flavor gives you that feeling in every single sip.

Raspberry Lemonade

Lemonade doesn’t need to be fresh-squeezed to be delicious. Cirkul’s vitamin-enhanced Raspberry Lemonade is refreshingly delightful, no stirring, mixing, or squeezing required.

Mixed Berry

Whether it’s game day or leg day, our Mixed Berry flavor has the electrolytes you need to help push through your most rigorous workouts. Burpees don’t stand a chance.

Orange Tangerine

Oranges and tangerines; they’re practically first-cousins on the family fruit tree. And they work together to make this electrolyte-enhanced flavor perfectly tart and simply sweet all at once.

Black Cherry

Give your taste buds a wake-up call. Our energy-enhanced Black Cherry flavor will keep you hydrated and caffeinated so you can stay focused. And awake.

Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberry and watermelon are the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of flavors. Fierce individually, but even more powerful together. Stay energized and hydrated all at once with this bright, fruity favorite.

How will I get more Cartridges?

We will be launching an online store later this year where you will be able to order more cartridges. You'll have the option to receive flavor cartridges on a recurring basis for your convenience or purchase them on a one-off basis.

Expected pricing is below:

Order Quantity Price per Cartridge Price per Bottle
8 Cartridges $3.00 $0.75
16 Cartridges $2.75 $0.68
24 Cartridges $2.50 $0.63
32 Cartridges $2.25 $0.56

Cirkul combines all the best features of today's beverage options into one awesome bottle. With Cirkul you get:

  • the health benefits of drinking water

  • the delicious flavor of your favorite beverages with zero calories and no sugar

  • the convenience of ready-to-drink bottled beverages

  • the eco-friendliness of reusable water bottles

  • the cost effectiveness of liquid and powder flavors

  • the added vitamins, electrolytes, and caffeine you get in sports drinks, energy drinks, and coffee

AND Cirkul is totally customizable so you can adjust your flavor strength from sip to sip... No one has ever done that before!

We've shared prototype bottles with a number of our supporters from social media. See what they thought of Cirkul:

"My experience with the Cirkul bottle has been fantastic! I love that you can adjust the flavor and I can't wait until I can buy more cartridges. This bottle will be an everyday use for me! Anyone who gets the chance to try it definitely should!" - Jessica B.
"I loved the concept behind Cirkul when I saw it on Facebook, but I was still totally shocked when I first used my Cirkul bottle. It worked better than I ever expected. And the flavors were delicious. Only issue I have is I need more flavor cartridges" - Royce E.
"I really enjoyed Cirkul, but what I didn't expect was how my kids would LOVE it! They were fighting over the bottle… to drink water. Now I’m more excited to get bottles for my whole family and have Cirkul Sips delivered to me instead of lugging home packs and packs of sports drinks from the store." - Sarah M.
"The flavor is great and long lasting. Even on the lowest setting it tastes great. We love this product and find ourselves drinking more water! We want to know where we can buy more cartridges." - Jeremy M.

Cirkul is for anyone who drinks water. Seriously. Research shows that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, which can lead to fatigue, reduced cognitive functioning, irritability, and more. Whether you are in the office, at the gym, driving your kids to practice or anywhere in between, we want to help EVERYONE to achieve their hydration goals.

Drinking too many sugary drinks?
Do your kids not drink enough water?
Wasting money on sugar filled beverages?
Want to lose weight and feel better?
Need help drinking more water at the office?
Want to help reduce plastic bottle waste?
Battling diabetes or sugar-related health problems?
Need more vitamins in your diet?
Want electrolytes and great taste with no sugar?
Want to hydrate AND energize?


Legacy Team LA


out of $20,000


on December 2019

We are sorry, this project was not fully funded, no backers has been charged. We will keep everyone updated if this campaign is going to be relaunched. Thank you for your support!

Unfurtunately this project was not fully funded before the end date.