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Hands-free flying Drone with mind-and-gesture-controls and subject tracking

Fly a drone with the power of your mind/Capture photos by blinking eyes/Gesture Recognition/HD Camera/Real-Time Transmission


Legacy Team LA


out of $39,999


on April 2019

Commanding a drone with brain electrical impulses is NO longer a science fiction!  Now with UDrone, all you need to do is imagining the drone lifting off the ground and voilà – it does!

  •  Hands-free flying with mind-and-gesture-controls and subject tracking
  • Powerful AI camera system with real-time image transmission 
  • Capture photos by blinking your eyes or with a “V” hand gesture 
  •  Facial tracking allows drone camera to capture at a perfect angle
  • Auto-flight control system maintains stability during flying 
  •  Three adjustable speed settings to accommodate the pilot’s preference 
  • Small, lightweight, portable, and fits perfectly in your backpack  

Forget about voice controls or touchscreen gestures. Controlling a drone with your thoughts is the ultimate way to interface.  Spark your aerial creativity anywhere, and seize all your magical moments with UDrone.    

UDrone is easy to launch: concentrate and imagine the drone taking off. Once your concentration level is up to 150, the drone will whirr, rise, and buzz through the air with zero delay.  

You can adjust the altitude by imagining, adjust the flying direction by tilting your head left and right, and land the drone by biting your teeth.  

Taking pictures is literally easy as a blink: blink your eyes twice, and the photo is captured. Its hands-free setting takes the shake out of the shot, making you look like a pro photographer.    

UDrone features Gesture Recognition function, that you can shoot in Auto Mode when you make the Peace Sign

In addition, the powerful AI camera system of UDrone automatically adjusts camera focus, exposure, and position to ensure your face is ideally displayed in the frame. All you need to do is act naturally. 


Acutely sensitive to light and colors, the HD camera of UDrone captures stunning aerial images and videos. All UDrone images are consistently sharp and vivid with very little color aberration and distortion. 

UDrone's camera features an f/2.8 wide-angle lens and a 1/3.2 inch Sony CMOS sensor, allowing you to shoot stabilized video at 1080P and stills at 8 MP.   

Once the drone is up in the air, you can view the real-time camera feed on the UDrone app and sync footages shot onto your Android or IOS device instantly.  

Tracking a certain subject on the move or from different angles? You can initiate focus on the subject, and the camera will do the rest. Our advanced Subject Tracking Camera can even identify a certain person and record continuously with Auto-follow as the person moves in the crowd.  

UDrone can add extra dimensions to your Vlogs. The drone can track and continually focus on you while you are moving, walking, or talking. With UDrone, Vloggers can create remarkable footages with a completely different perspective.    

Through a series of complex algorithms, we are able to integrate Brain-Computer Interface [BCI] technology, Somatosensory Interaction technology, and Image Recognition capabilities into one intelligent piece - UMind Lite, the brain-sensing handband.

It charges via USB, like the drone itself, and sits over the ears across your forehead, just above your eyebrows. You pair it to your phone through the UDrone app, and then set the drone into "mind control mode" to activate it. 

The headset has a number of sensors built in. There's an EEG, or electroencephalography sensor, which measures electrical activity in the brain. There's an EOG, or electro-oculography sensor that measures eye movements by monitoring the electrical potential between the front and back of the human eye. There's an EMG, or electromyography sensor, that measures electrical activity in response to a nerve's stimulation of muscles. It also has gyros and accelerometers, and patented gear built in to amplify signal and squash noise from the finicky brain and nerve sensors. 

The bain-sensing headband can read your brain waves, measure your brain electrical activity, track your slight facial movements, and convert these signals into instructions to control drone movements.  

The Auto-Flight control system enables the drone to find the perfect balance in air pressure. This means that the drone can precisely hover in the midair to get that perfect shot video or selfie every time. 

And even with its compact size, the acceleration sensor with three rotors enables the drone to maintain stability in flight.  

The Optical Flow technology is the distribution of apparent velocities of movement of brightness pattern in an image or the pattern of apparent motion of objects with the relative motion between an observer and a scene. Putting it in a simple way to understand the concept is the drone can dectect the motion of movement to locate the subject and fly more balanced.  It is a feature that works by having a downward-facing camera “view” the ground surface while sending a continuous flow of optical feedback to the flight controller which then makes flight adjustments to keep the drone in its position.  As a result, the drone will take better photos than other drones.  

You can either control UDrone with your mind or your mobile device. 

Flying with your mobile device as the remote controller is an alternative option. The UDrone mobile APP allows you to command the drone conveniently and effortlessly. It only takes you a few minutes to learn the tricks of flying.  

For those who want a traditional manual control or in case you have not master operate the drone by your mind, you can always use APP to control it.   

At the size of your palm, the 85g UDrone is extremely compact, lightweight, and portable. Its portability and convenience of use make it an excellent choice for hikers and travel photographers.  

Compared with heavier drones in the market, UDrone generates less momentum during crashes, thanks to its cafted lightweight design and the protective bumpers, effectively preventing the drone from destruction in case of crashes.  

  • Control with APP

U-Drone can fly for up to 60 meters away from your phone, and up to 60 meters above from the ground. For first time users, we recommend to keep the drone within 20 meters from you. 

  • Control with the headband UMind Lite 

When you command the drone with your mind, UDrone can fly for up to 20 meters away from you, and up to 2.5 meters above the ground. UDrone can fly for up to 25 minutes in one charge, giving you enough duration for daily use. The detachable battery allows you to charge on the go. The interchangeable battery takes less than 30 minutes to be fully charged.  


The drone comes in three adjustable speed settings including indoor, outdoor, and open ground to accommodate different flying environments. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, on the road or at home, U-Drone can be a perfect add-on to your magical moments. 

Here is few ideas of how you can use it: attending concerts; home gatherings and house parties; hiking, jogging, and other outdoor activities; Youtube Vlogging ; sightseeing, roadtrips, and traveling; interacting with your little ones; concentration training; or simply recording any small aspects of your daily! 

Powered by Longham Technology, EEGSmart has been determined to develop the world's leading bio-electric artificial intelligence wearable device. By embracing multiple bio-electrical application patents and critical algorithms, we are able to develop multiple software-hardware combined BMI (Brain-Machine Interface) system, which collects high-precision EEG data in real time. With the research outcomes of cognitive psychology, it analyzes people’s mental state such as fatigue, excitement, concentration, relaxation, alertness and etc. This provides commercialized solutions in bioinformatics sensors and artificial intelligence, for both health and entertainment areas.  


Legacy Team LA


out of $39,999


on April 2019

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We are sorry, this project was not fully funded, no backers has been charged. We will keep everyone updated if this campaign is going to be relaunched. Thank you for your support!

Unfurtunately this project was not fully funded before the end date.