Mash-Up Series Hard Enamel Pins - 1.25 Inches

I will be creating a series of Mashups in hard enamel pins. They include PikaMoon, NeferChu, ZombiChu and MickeyChu - In 1.25 inches


Legacy Team LA


out of $300


on November 2018

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Hello everyone!

*** Project has become funded, please place your order in to get early bird pricing***

   I have designed four mashups. 1. PikaMoon 2. NeferChu 3. ZombiChu and 3. MickeyChu. All of these designs reflect who I am as a person and these designs can also relate to a huge demographic of pin lovers.

**Please be mindful: If you chose a reward that has an iron on patch, key chain, or tote bag - I made them myself  They are not from some factory in China. Have a look on my Instagram CLICK HERE

Colours might slightly change, but nothing dramatic.

All of the pins will be 1.25 inches, hard enamel, 2 rubber posts and either gold or black raised metal, also with a backing card!

-PikaMoon will have glitter in the bow area.

-NeferChu's  Ankh and the gold area in the head crown will be glitter (Ankh-Key of life that Pika is holding)

-ZombiChu's  green areas will glow in the dark.

-MickeyChu will have the Mickey aspects in glitter (hands, ears and shorts)

Cost Breakdown:

Pin Production: 65%

Supplies: 15%

Shipping: 10%

Kickstarter fee: 10%


Shipping within Canada, is standard shipping

Shipping to The United States will be sent as a small packet since it needs to be declared at the US border. (All non-paper materials need to be declared)

Risks and challenges

-This is my first kickstarter and all my time and effort will be put into this until funded, and shipped!

-The manufacturer has already been contacted and waiting for our funding campaign to finish

- Upon a successful campaign, it will take approximately 2 weeks for Kickstarter to send the funds.

-Once order is placed with the manufacturer, it will take 12-15 days to produce the pins. The manufacturer may be delayed due to a high volume season, but once received, I am sure you will have no regrets if that ends up being the case!

-Every pin will also be individually inspected to guarantee the best quality!

-If there are any updates, everyone will be notified on my instagram account in the stories, so please add it:

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Legacy Team LA


out of $300


on November 2018

We are sorry, this project was not fully funded, no backers has been charged. We will keep everyone updated if this campaign is going to be relaunched. Thank you for your support!

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Iron On Pika Surprise!

Value: +$15

You will receive 1 embroidered Pikachu iron on patch, approx 4 inches. Wait until you see!! Your friends will be so jealous! It is one of a kind!

Pledge $10 + $0 shipping cost

PikaMoon Pin!!!

Once funded, will be $14

Our exclusive design will have ya crying like a baby that you got it at such a low price!!!

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Value: $14

Get this beautifully Egyptian inspired, one of a kind design!

Remember! You only get it if it’s unlocked!

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Value: $14

Get this zombie inspired, one of a kind design before he eats your brains!!!

Remember! You only get it if it’s unlocked!

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Value: $14

Get this 90th Anniversary Mickey, Exclusively here! Disney meets anime!

Remember! You only get it if it’s unlocked!

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The Party Just Begun! 2 Unlocked Pins

Value: $28

Receive any 2 unlocked pins

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Pin AND Pokemon Key Chain Surprise!

Value: +$35

Choose any unlocked pin (1) and receive a Pokemon embroidered key chain!! It is an exclusive design and will be a surprise! They are all super cute and fun! can attach them to your jacket zipper, purse, or car mirror! So versatile!

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I Lied, It Starts Now - 3 Unlocked Pins

Value: $42

Any 3 unlocked pins.

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The REAL Party Is Here! - 4 Unlocked Pin

Value: $56

Any 4 unlocked pins

Pledge $38 + $0 shipping cost

Tote Bag Plus Pin

Receive 2 unlocked pins and receive an exclusive PikaMoon embroidered tote bag!

Tote bag is in Black
13.5 inches by 13.5 inches

Embroidered surface area is 5 inches by 5.6 inches

Pledge $40 + $0 shipping cost

Any 5 unlocked pins

Choose any 5 unlocked pins

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The REAL, Real Party

Value: 58

Receive any 2 Unlocked pins, along with 2 Exclusive embroidered iron on Pokemon patches!

Patches are approximately 4 inches.

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Any 6 unlocked pins

Choose any 6 unlocked pins

Pledge $58 + $0 shipping cost

Any 7 unlocked pins

Any 7 unlocked pins

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6 Pins And a Plush Pencil Case

6 unlocked pins and an exclusive Pikachu plush pencil case

Pledge $75 + $0 shipping cost