How do I become a successful crowdfunder?

Many of you might be asking yourselves this exact question - "How do I become a successful crowdfunder?" Well, it's easier than you think. Crowdfunding is all about strategy, and if you have the right strategy, you're on the right path to success. The problem is, how do you develop a crowdfunding strategy that works for you? Even more experienced crowdfunders may develop weak business plans that lead them to failure. But at LOCODOR, failure isn't an option. Our team has designed and perfected a crowdfunding strategy template that anyone - beginner or expert - can use. Better yet, this template is available to download at absolutely no cost. Here is an example of a crowdfunding strategy checklist, from Forbes:

  • Do Your Research 

Design your product prototype, and research other (similar) campaigns before you start yours.

  • Use The Right Tools And Services

Create ads and connect with potential buyers using crowdfunding tools such as Kickbooster, to promote your campaign.

  • Take Advantage Of Facebook Ads And Social Media

Attract subscribers to your campaign using Facebook ads, and send them monthly emails informing them of new updates to your campaign. Create a strong social media presence - make sure to frequently post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Prepare Your Media Pack

Create images showing your product being used in real life, to relate to potential customers.

  • Create Reward Tiers

With reward tiers, you can create special offers that will be available to backers of your campaign. Highlight perks such as free shipping and two-for-one deals.   (source:   Just click the link at the end of this blog post to view or download the template - you won't regret it. Happy crowdfunding! CROWDFUNDING STRATEGY TEMPLATE - LOCODOR