7 Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

 How do you make your crowdfunding campaign stand out from the rest? This is an issue that many crowdfunders may struggle with - being unique in the world of crowdfunding. I've put together a checklist, inspired by Forbes, for any crowdfunder who wants to maximize their success.

Who you are

Before you describe your product and what you're trying to sell to the consumer, you'll want to add a personal touch. Introduce yourself and your team, so your potential customers will get a sense of who you are. Then, you can let them know what you're selling and what you're raising money for. Let the reader know the dates of your campaign and how they can get involved.

Title and description

The first thing the viewer will see on your campaign page is the title, and description. Make sure to have an eye-catching title that keeps the consumer interested in your campaign. Your description should be as short as possible, without leaving out too many details about your product. Include buzzwords that keep the user hooked.

Your story

What's the background story behind your product? The consumer will want to know why you started your crowdfunding campaign and why you're selling what you're selling. Instill a sense of trust between you and the consumer - include details about your personal life and make your story relatable. For example, describe who you are; maybe write a bit about your family and the difficulties you've had so far on your crowdfunding journey. The user will find this relatable and will be more likely to become a backer of your campaign.

Facts and data

No one is interested in a product that claims to do something that it can't. However, if you have the facts to back up your claims, the consumer will not have to worry about false evidence or misleading statistics. If you take the time early on to verify and establish your product's authenticity, you won't have to worry about any issues in the future.


Your campaign should be easy to read and have good formatting. Use different styles of text (bold, italic) and different fonts. Include images and videos of your product.


Be direct and to the point when advertising your product. Don't drag out your story; the user will soon get bored and lose interest. If you get to the point early on, the user will already know everything they need to know, and they will take an interest in what you're selling.

Project timeline

After backing your campaign, the consumer will want to know when their product will arrive. Let them know immediately when you'll be shipping their pre-order, so they won't be constantly worried about when it will arrive. Just include a simple timeline at the end of your campaign page to affirm that you're honest about shipping and delivery.

What else?

Now it's up to you to decide what else your campaign is missing, if anything. This checklist will provide you with what you need to get started. Of course, if you want the best for you and your campaign, you'll want to use Locodor for anything crowdfunding-related. Locodor is your best friend in the world of crowdfunding -- from collaborating with other entrepreneurs, to creating unique and outstanding campaigns, to your eventual rise to the top as a leader in the crowdfunding industry.   (inspired by "Seven Tips For Writing A Compelling Crowdfunding Pitch" on Forbes - https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2018/08/30/seven-tips-for-writing-a-compelling-crowdfunding-pitch/#2f3e5aa71e48)