Locodor Crowdfunding Contest Announcement


Hey guys, I am excited to announce that Locodor will soon be hosting a crowdfunding contest. The winner of the contest will receive $20,000 in funds for their campaign! At the moment, the contest is not yet live, but you'll be notified once it is. The rules are simple: Each user receives 1,000,000 Locodor Credits that they can use to support others' campaigns, and others will support your campaign as well. Don't use your credits to support your own campaign, because if everyone were to do that, there would be no winner. Instead, get your friends and family to fund your idea! The contest will go on for 60 days, and at the end, the winner will be announced. Whoever wins the contest will receive 20,000 dollars in funding and will get their campaign published to multiple crowdfunding sites for more exposure. Need help? Contact a Locodor Project Manager for assistance. We'll gladly help you out. Those are the basic rules for the contest, but they may change at any time. I'm just posting this to let everyone know that big things are up ahead! Will you be the one to win $20,000? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Together, we can succeed - with Locodor.