How could we get the real crowdfunding data and financial report from Kickstarter?

Ok, so, here is the deal.  It is June, 2020 and I been waiting to launch a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  

However, would I get fully funded? Are people nowadays spending money on the Kickstarter to wait months for them to get what they backed for?  

How could we get really #'s from the actual amount of money Kickstarter raised this year?  I searched on Google for the term "Kickstarter stats", "kicksrtarter data", "kickstarter financial report", etc.  and found nothing reletive at all.  

Does anyone have the answer?  Since Kickstarter is not a "real" public traded company, we really don't know what comes in and what comes out.  What are the success rate for real?

Anyone or company that could help please contact me at