Why In the World Do People Still Use Outdated Technology?

That's a very good question when you ask it... Have you ever seen anyone moving around in horse-drawn carriages nowadays? Neither have we! In fact, what you see around is convenience and speed. So we've been asking ourselves lately, why do people still use outdated ironing devices like handheld irons or steamers? Or a 100 years old steamer technology like this one? Because they're used to it! Fair enough, isn't it? On the flip side, big companies are not willing to update the technology as long as people are buying it. Moreover, their contractors who produce it for them, will not be happy if they change their 'good old ways'. And the price is... well, not 

corresponding to the technology which has been used for years.  So, introducing the unique Tailor Made Steamer is not only about breaking the good old ways, it's also 

about revolutionizing the industry!  Compared to the old above-mentioned steamer, Tailor Made Steamer makes your clothes wrinkle-free in just 20 seconds, and the Basic model is more than half the price of a regular steamer! Want to go for a Pro model which is fully hands-free, with touchscreen, dedicated phone app and smart heat adjustment technology? It's still cheaper than the above-mentioned outdated steamer! Are you a boutique owner who wants to use Tailor Made Steamer more frequently than once or twice a day? Go for the Industrial model which is a beast of a machine! Guess what? You need to pay only $17 more for the Industrial model, compared to the regular device mentioned above.   

Bold? YES. Revolutionary? Definitely! Support us here to get your brand new Tailor Made Steamer!