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Unfurtunately this project was not fully funded before the end date.

Portable Power Strip with 280W Adapter Hybrid Mobile and Office Charging Dock

280W Output | 2200W Socket | Strip & Power in 1 | Separable Design | 2xUSB-C | 4xUSB-A | Portable


Legacy Team LA


out of $10,000


on August 2020

We were born in a digital age. Each time when going out or going to work, we have to ask ourselves three questions:

Is the power enough to drive my device? How many ports do I have? What happens if my charger does not fit the ports?

Introducing Taurus 280, the world’s most…


It has all the power(280W to be exact) for most of your essential digital devices;

Countless of ports(see below) no matter how you want to charge, or what you want to charge;

A powerstrip and an 280W adapter hybrid

Oh, and it’s a hybrid. No matter staying at home, or going out, it can be used anywhere.

From the very beginning of our design, we want to make a hybrid of both the charger and power strip. Not only because it is the all-round charging solution for most of the devices, but also it meets the requirement of the most manufacturers’ products.

For the devices with average power consumption, you can plug them on the most popular ports on earth: USB-A and USB-C.

For bigger, more powerful devices with bigger demand for wattage, or special ones that requires special output to perform super-fast charging(like VOOC or Supercharge), it can also shape-shift into a reliable power strip, extending your charging line-up and never miss a gear that needs power.

280, literally means the watts that it drives.

The Type-C port delivers up to 110W of maximum power*. Yes, it even exceeds the maximum power that a Type-C port can drive. Why? We want you to charge all your devices safe and smooth---even under the heaviest load. Both of the ports also supports QC 3.0/4.0 protocols and Apple Quick-charging, small devices can also enjoy big power, too.

Did we forget about the USB-A ports? Of course not. All four ports support up to 5V/3A(15W) of output. 

What if your phone has dedicated Quick-charging protocol? Don't forget we got up to 4 outlets available:)

110W USB-C + 2x15W USB-A in Stress Test

There is no "sharing" power between ports---what you see is what you charge. We don’t specify the charging speed of the devices that you have on hands---we nailed them all. 

Separate ports with dedicated power output, no power-sharing
Extreme charging test---ugly but it really charges them all.

2020 is the year of Nintendo Switch, that is why we also developed a Switch charging mode as well. At 15V/2A through USB-C port, you can charge your Switch/Switch Lite at the fastest speed possible. 

With hybrid design and 280W power output, we must overcome the two permanent issues with energy: heating & safety. We used flame-retardant material to build the shell, and designed a copper-coat structure to guide the generated heat away from device in designated way to 100% avoid potential over-heating situation, even under over-the-top load. 

As a result, we got a quiet & cool charging rig. 

Below is the extreme-load test video for you to see how it performs:

 project video thumbnail

Here's another video as head-to-head thermal test with Apple official 87W adapter:

 project video thumbnail

Form follows function. The trapezoid shape offers maximum space for inner board & parts with room to reduce heat, while tilted top keeps the adapters on top connected with stability. 

Vibrant color shows where the USB-C and USB-A ports are, even under low-light condition.

As an international device, Taurus 280 also offers multi-national outlets so that supporters from all around the world get to use them with no problem.

Multi-national outlet for ALL plugs

It also passes most of the major energy certification. We are still in the process of applying some of the major certifications, stay tuned for our latest updates!

The 280 is not built for indoor use only. From the sketch stage, we knew that outdoor charging is often more urgent in random locations. Also, to keep the safest option in check, the power plug is always a practical choice when you have devices that require more than just a USB port.

The trapezoid form factor not only offers extra room for heat-sinking, but also offers an easy angle for users to plug in sockets or adapters.

From the new perspective we also discovered more possibilities. It's not just for gadgets, but also for bigger appliances. 


Wall, car, desk, you name it.

We offer two models and three versions for you to choose.

The Taurus 190 has USB-C ports outputting a maximum of 65W, while the rest of the ports & functions similar to 280. It's the perfect choice for users with smaller ultrabooks, naming: MacBook Pro 13'' or XPS 13''.

The Taurus 280 reaches 110W*, which runs the bigger devices with full-speed, naming: MacBook Pro 16'' or XPS 17''.

As for versions:

MOBILE version uses wall plug---perfect for outdoor use, or flexible locations.

FYI: In the MOBILE version we would be shipping the product with dedicated plug setting according to your address, listed are the compatible options:

SOHO version works best indoor with extending cable.

Full version gets the best of both world---you can build a mega power station with the most ports now!


As you have already read, both Taurus 280 and 190 have hybrid design, making cross-model connection a possibility! You can connect a 190 Mobile to 280 SOHO for even more flexible charging solution from now! 

To add-on before you buy:

Please choose your pledge(Mobile or SOHO), then add the price of your add-on product listed in the rewards section and finish the pledge.

To add-on after you buy:

Please enter your personal page, choose the Taurus project, then hit "Manage My Pledge" to adjust the pledge amount accordingly.  

It would have been unfair if we compare the size of 280 and the equivalent devices if you don't have one! So we decided to go straight into the price and help you make your decision when it comes to head-to-head calculation.

We calculate the price based on regular level rather than high-end models. What you see is what you get on major shopping platform.

What about the mobile version? Same situation. Plus, the 280 got two more outlets for two dedicated charger, should you have some other devices with special plugs.

Oh, and we are at least 50% lighter in both of the comparison, in case you are wondering. 


Legacy Team LA


out of $10,000


on August 2020

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We are sorry, this project was not fully funded, no backers has been charged. We will keep everyone updated if this campaign is going to be relaunched. Thank you for your support!

Unfurtunately this project was not fully funded before the end date.