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ShareRoute Public Transit: Flexible, Responsive, Personal

reduce traffic by Commuting as a Community


Neil Kummer


out of $7,500


on October 2019

Vickie Gray

4 years ago

Hi could I get more info. on where this will be launched?


Neil Kummer

4 years ago

Hi Vickie, ShareRoute will be launched first with pilots in Jerusalem and Torino, Italy. Then we will expand our service to the surrounding areas


What is ShareRoute?


ShareRoute is the future of personal ground transportation. With our app, you can ride where you like, when you like, with people you like. Not only is it affordable, but by taking cars off the road we are helping the planet!


  • Flexible, responsive, and efficient
  • Order rides on-demand, either pre-order or in real-time
  • Minibus routes are optimized for point-to-point and station-to-station travel
  • Trips are dynamic, continually picking up and dropping off passengers
  • Our technology is specially created so that it will not delay riders
  • Integrated with your calendar: you can choose a range of times to walk to your pickup location
  • Create an avatar, save your favorite rides, drivers, co-passengers, luggage, shopping bags, accommodations, and many other features 


ShareRoute will create a “smart” transit community. By sharing your daily commute and travels with people traveling to the same place, you can build relationships and feel a sense of community.  



What is our goal?

We envision a world without traffic, where the daily commute and traveling during rush hour is enjoyable. It's as simple as that!

ShareRoute will take thousands of private cars off the roads, which is better for the roads, the environment, and your day.  



What makes us unique?


  • ShareRoute maximizes how full our vehicles are and eliminates empty cruising ("trolling") time
  • We have low, flat fares for riders and substantial hourly wages for the drivers 
  • Drivers and their vehicles are all licensed and vetted for security
  • Uniquely engineered “community-based” technology, so riders and drivers are part of the process
  • We care about your experience, and want to hear about your rides!
  • Less walking to the pickup location than other ride-shares
  • We put FEWER cars on the road, not more. Good for traffic and the environment


Our upcoming opportunity in Italy

ShareRoute has been approved by Torino CityLab ( for a six-month pilot. The City of Torino will provide the infrastructure, and we need the funding to develop and translate our app into Italian. We also need to rent vehicles and drivers for these six months, and that's what this campaign will mostly support. 



About us


ShareRoute was founded by Neil Kummer, who has years of logistics and transportation experience as founder and CEO of Kef International Relocation Company. Our team is very small and based out of Jerusalem, and we work hard on this startup because we believe that it is possible to end traffic while also fostering a sense of community. 

When you invest in this campaign, you are investing in ShareRoute, so you will own a share in our company. We look forward to having you as a shareholder. 

We also want to hear your thoughts and ideas about our business and how we can make it bigger and better!