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Hi I am Tom! I am here to help you with everything crowdfunding. You could add me as a friend, send me a public / private message, or email me at contact@locodor.com. Locodor is here to help out Backers and Camp

Richard Silberstein

Investor & Entrepreneur

Yeron Hamudot

Startup for life

Ron Harris

Been a Kickstarter enthusiast from the start. Superbacker, Supersupporter. I invest and back tech and gadget projects mainly. I am here to find and network with interesting people.

Legacy Team LA

Love for Startups and Crowdfunding new and interesting gadgets..

Tailor-Made Startups

GOT STARTUP? We’d love to hear from you! Submit your Startup and start to; Create your Team Get Tailor-Made services Get Funded & Get Exposure ​ Create or Venture @ Tailor-Made Startups. 200+ New i

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