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Justin Kowalski

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Donated $399 on the project HOT coffee and COLD water travel coffee mug and reusable water bottle combined for H2Joe (x10) | KICKSTARTER SPECIAL

Donated $15 on the project CLAC Belt The Most Attractive Belt Ever, No Holes, No Buckle Needed for Magnetic Buckle

Donated $10000 on the project We are ready to Globalize Project Jaguar for The PJ Starter Pack

Donated $60 on the project Unlimited Poles: World's most customizable ski poles. for EARLY BIRD + EXTRA BASKETS

Donated $399 on the project Plugo An Educational Augmented Reality Gaming Kit for SCHOOL PACK - ALL 4 PLUGO KITS X5

Donated $260 on the project Worlds first AI-powered social growing robot. Home Gardening System for Herbot Mini—Exclusive Early Bird Special

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