Nisan Lamden

Nisan Lamden

USA, Beverly hills


Nisan Lamden is an entrepreneur, certified cosmetologist, and inventor. Based in Los Angeles, Nisan has always had a passion for formulating strategic and creative solutions. When he began his career at one of the most prestigious salons in Beverly Hills, he realized a number of his colleagues were creating their own beauty products. However, they were often carbon copies of their favorite brands. As such, Nisan wanted to set himself apart from the competition and craft a product that would not only aid his clients, but make an impact on the market as a whole. That is when the idea for Dual-Shave, which helps prevent acne, blackheads, aging and even reduces or eliminates razor burn that results from shaving, was conceived. To learn more about Nisan Lamden's product and pursuits, be sure to visit his website.

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