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Unfurtunately this project was not fully funded before the end date.

Smart and Versatile Travel + Work Multi-functional Bag

Multiple inner pockets, mesh pocket, foldable mesh storage, and smartly designed compartments, the Nördepack will keep everything neatly separated and organized.


Tailor-Made Startups


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on May 2019

Michael Pence

5 years ago

This bag has a really nice design! :)

Whether for busy days in the city or for business-related or vacation-focused traveling, the Nördepack is the adaptable, strong, comfortable and compact travel and work bag that lets you work and travel anywhere, whenever you need, with a bag that lets you carry all your essentials.

We live in a borderless world. Work and business have become global and so has enjoying life—and both have become intertwined. Being in London in a business meeting doesn’t mean that you can’t be on that very night taking the next flight to Bangkok, where you’re building a local tourism business, and to relax in the next weekend in Chiang Mai, only to then hop on another plane to check how your part in a coffee plantation in Colombia is doing while planning to work from Cartagena for the next few weeks, enjoying the Caribbean sun and beaches.  

So you’re working and playing, making the most of life, and you’re always on the move—which is why the Nördepack Travel + Work Bag is the right bag to be there for you as you live your life on-the-go.

The Nördepack won’t just make you look and perform like a million dollars in professional and work-related environments. As a travel bag, it will also be the perfect sidekick

You’d think that a compact travel + work bag like Nördepack couldn’t carry all that you need, but that’s where we want to offer you even more value. 

Nördepack lets you carry your fresh shirt and other clothes, underwear, toiletries, notebook, coffee thermos, tablet and even your travel pillow. Seriously!

With its multiple inner pockets, mesh pocket, foldable mesh storage, and smartly designed compartments, the Nördepack will keep everything neatly separated and organized.

Plus, you can use the Nördepack’s clothing bag, shoes bag, side strap, and shoulder bag add-ons to have an even better storage capacity

The Nördepack is designed to adjust to your needs and situation. Use the side compression straps to transform the bag from a carry-on backpack to a daypack or use them to hold your jacket or pillow. The Tailor-made premium aluminum alloy hook—for the unexpected needs that the MacGyver in you may have on the road

Its large storage capacity is impressive, can expand from 24L to 34L

It comes with a roller bag band , to make it ready for a flight, a train or a bus ride.

A side handle and a shoulder strap, blending comfort with elegance—it will make you look great in any fancy environment where an important meeting requires you to use a briefcase

A side pocket that allows you to store your charger, mouse and/or wallet—while giving you access to them without having to open the living compartment, so you won’t risk losing your personal effects

Versatile way of being carried—however you prefer to take it, whether using its hidden shoulder strap, comfort shoulder strap, adjustable chest strap, or comfort handle, since each specific situation requires a specially adjustable way of carrying your bag

Ergonomics design with comfortable padded shoulder strap 

Safety reflecting logo, to ensure that any drivers see you if you’re walking at night

YKK water-proof, safe and unbreakable zippers (one with a key hole), to keep everything inside the bag, clean and dry, even when it rains

Rain-proof cover, which you can use to cover the bag in case you’re out when raining or snowing—because a traveler’s life is not just about sunny landscapes and margaritas

Anti-theft pocket and passport pocket—where you can keep your most important traveling documents and some cash at hand while ensuring that they don’t get stolen or lost

Hidden hook to keep a small bag or a flashlight safely hanging—because you need to be ready for anything

The Sling Bag is designed to fit inside the Nördepack’s main compartment. It can as a organization bag or Sling Bag. The size is perfect to store all your traveling essential. Let you explore the city more freely. The size is fit for iPad mini, notebook or your     digital camera

 • 800D nylon exterior with PU coating

• Quick-access laptop pocket (fits up to 15.6” laptop)

• Clamshell opening main compartment for spacious storage and easy packing

• Quick-access large front pocket with small inner compartment

• Multiple internal pockets for accessories

• Foldable mesh pocket

• Padded top and side handles for versatile carrying

• Zippered, expandable water bottle holder

• Padded shoulder strap and EVA back panel for enhanced comfort

• Chest strap for comfort and stability

• Side compression straps for stability and security

• Optimized to meet international and domestic carry-on luggage size limits

• YKK zippers and Duraflex plastic hardware

• Dimensions: 18.5" x 11.8" x 5.9" expandable 2”

• Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.6kg)

• Volume: 24 -34 L

Nordkapp is the reason behind the rise of Nördepack with the coordinates of 71 degrees, 10 minutes, 21 seconds North. Nordkapp has picturesque scenery of polar days and polar nights. Many have come to know it as the end of the earth as well as the end of the world. That presents people with infinite possibilities and hope. You might have gotten the chance to be at the most bustling parts of Nordkapp or the loneliest one to spend your time aloof from the crowd. At the same time, you might have ventured further, passing through the various mountains of different designs and crossing the beautiful rivers, and fields that promote the landscape to other parts of this splendid location. However, you will realise that you have never really been to the end of Nordkapp. So is Nördepack. 

The “ ö ” of Nördepack represents our curiosity to discover this world.    




Tailor-Made Startups


out of $78,500


on May 2019

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Unfurtunately this project was not fully funded before the end date.