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Sherin Khler

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Donated $5500 on the project END THE CYCLE OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING for Customize/Wristbands

Donated $29 on the project For Travelers: ultra fast and smallest universal travel adapter for Micro Adapter x1

Donated $78 on the project Escura Instant 60s | Hand-powered Instant Camera for KS Special - Set (13% off)

Donated $149 on the project Smart and Versatile Travel + Work Multi-functional Bag for Early Bird - Nordepack (USD149)

Donated $89 on the project WASHWOW | Portable Wash: Disinfect Device Without Detergent. for PURCHASE NOW

Donated $10 on the project JENKO Remote Joystick Game Controller Case Compatible for Apple TV 4 & 4K for JENKO Remote Joystick Game Controller

Donated $438 on the project The Straprack Home Fitness Gym By Morphed Fitness for 2X Straprack!

Donated $36 on the project 2Find Wearable Tracker Safety and GPS Device for Kids (Kids in Cars) for Get the 2Find 1st edition that includes the Tracker and Receiver devise

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