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Funded Today helps startups to succeed, especially through the fast-paced world of rewards-based crowdfunding! Since mid-2014, we've emerged as the world's most successful crowdfunding agency. We have worked with 2,500+ entrepreneurs worldwide, and helped nearly 1,000 of them to raise $250,000,000+ altogether on Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo. And this includes millions for individual campaigns like BAUBAX Travel Jackets, Everyday Messenger Bags, and Filippo Loreti Smartwatches. Our website has brought more traffic to both Kickstarter and Indiegogo than any competitor. And, in mid-2018, we earned 27th place among the Inc. 5000! We accomplish these feats as a full-service agency through a variety of consulting, creative, and/or marketing services. These services include producing videos, designing pages, photographing products, generating leads, managing social-media profiles, showing social-media advertisements, arranging cross-promotions, engaging in affiliate marketing, and/or conducting public relations. We not only facilitate crowdfunding projects from pre-launch to post-funded, but we also boost e-commerce on Amazon Launchpad, company websites, and beyond! We draw upon our extensive experience to provide free sound advice through both our blog and our podcast. If you'd like to learn more and/or to apply for our services, then please visit today!

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Legacy Team LA

Love for Startups and Crowdfunding new and interesting gadgets..


Hi I am Tom! I am here to help you with everything crowdfunding. You could add me as a friend, send me a public / private message, or email me at Locodor is here to help out Backers and Camp

Ari Berkowitz

Manager of Business Development for LOCODOR, where we preach excellence and strive for better every day.

Richard Silberstein

Investor & Entrepreneur

Yeron Hamudot

Startup for life

Ron Harris

Been a Kickstarter enthusiast from the start. Superbacker, Supersupporter. I invest and back tech and gadget projects mainly. I am here to find and network with interesting people.

Tailor-Made Startups

GOT STARTUP? We’d love to hear from you! Submit your Startup and start to; Create your Team Get Tailor-Made services Get Funded & Get Exposure ​ Create or Venture @ Tailor-Made Startups. 200+ New i

kamal mangache

hello, my name is kamal mangache, designer fo 8 years with e-commerce company in paris from home and digital ads company in uk from home and winner in more tha 60 brand design around the world with love of e-comme

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