Alice Wang

Alice Wang

IL, Tel Aviv



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Donated $3801 on the project ELO An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Plastic Straws for HUGE VALUE! BIG SAVINGS

Donated $150 on the project Hubiz: the first audio gaming console (Canceled) for Pledge €150 or more

Donated $182 on the project Live Your Life Network - Connect, Learn and Live for Article Feature + Other Rewards

Donated $389 on the project BackStrong Chair Fixes How You Sit. the best chair in the world. for Order 1 BackStrong

Donated $29 on the project Sensorwake Trio The Alarm Clock that Stimulates your Senses for 12 Pack Scent Capsules

Donated $288 on the project ET Mini: first all-in-one HD Projector pocket entertainment system for ET Mini

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