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Constance Wright

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Donated $99 on the project Next Generation Big Travel Wallet Premium Carbon Fiber for Pledge £77.00 - NOIRE x 2 - Take Both

Donated $15 on the project Kingii wristband inflation bag will pull you to the surface in water for 5 Kingii Refill Cartridges

Donated $95 on the project #Hashy Bottle: Most Elegant Practical Bottle for A Bottle and a Shoulder Strap

Donated $84 on the project Modern Desk Organizer and Lap Tray for Tech Lover Gifts! for 25% OFF_2 ILJs + FREE SECRET TECH GADGET

Donated $439 on the project BladeX, The Slimmest On-the-Go Monitor. for Super Early Bird-BladeX Combo

Donated $299 on the project GoSun Fusion: The Solar Powered Electric Oven for Early Bird: GoSun Fusion

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