Svein Torvund

Svein Torvund

IL, Al Mas`udiya



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Donated $60 on the project YABUL COOK: Silicone Innovative Flameless Cooker. Purchase now. for 50 Heat Packs

Donated $127 on the project EVO Planner App: Designed for your unique Brain Type for Annual EVO Flow System | Tier 2

Donated $36 on the project 2Find Wearable Tracker Safety and GPS Device for Kids (Kids in Cars) for Get the 2Find 1st edition that includes the Tracker and Receiver devise

Donated $143 on the project Executive Gravity-Defying Desk Toy to Harness the power of physics combined with exquisite machining for TASTER RETAIL PACKAGE

Donated $200 on the project Animated Educational Video for vee-

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