Sophia Rydningen

Sophia Rydningen

IL, Al Mas`udiya



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Donated $298 on the project Comfy Night - the Best Orthopedic Pillows for Perfect Sleep for 2x KS Price

Donated $449 on the project GoSun Fusion: The Solar Powered Electric Oven for Early Bird: GoSun Fusion + PowerBank

Donated $59 on the project JUCI - World's First All-In-One PD Power Solution for Early Bird 1-Pack

Donated $449 on the project TitanHub: Desktop USB-C Universal Laptop Docking Station for TitanHub—Group Pack

Donated $599 on the project TOYCOOL Your Multi Functional Outdoor Portable AC Unit. for Toycool Plus for Early Bird Price

Donated $19 on the project Moon: Futuristic and innovative smart home system for 1 Flexible Arm - Add-On

Donated $2 on the project Memories (Álbum) for Wow, si que eres cool

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