Elisabeth Haugstad

Elisabeth Haugstad

IL, Al Mas`udiya



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Donated $990 on the project Spherical Hi-Fi TWS Loudspeaker with Implosive Bass for Group Pack

Donated $348 on the project Smartphone for Kids - call - video - texting - google assistant - GPS - Parental Controls for Super Early Bird - Novus Max Twins

Donated $99 on the project Next Generation Big Travel Wallet Premium Carbon Fiber for Pledge £77.00 - NOIRE x 2 - Take Both

Donated $16 on the project Magnetic Cup - Easy to Reach, Out of the Sink! for (Early Bird!!!) 2 Magnetic Cups

Donated $149 on the project LifeWatch Worldw's First Emergency Alert Watch! for (1) LifeWatch 42mm

Donated $165 on the project Trick or Tree : Handmade Magnetic Wooden Blocks Toy Game for SPECIAL OFFER - Original + Colorful Ed

Donated $129 on the project OmBase Meditation Bench for One OmBase (Early Bird)

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