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Gerald Mills

IL, Tel Aviv



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Donated $12 on the project Firefly Advanced Situational Awareness Wireless Earbuds for Jabees Sports Armband

Donated $129 on the project PleatPack - The Most Functional Tech Backpack Ever for Indiegogo Special Price (Grey)

Donated $159 on the project Geburt: gorgeous fashion forward baby diaper bag Designed for moms for Geburt Diaper Bag

Donated $199 on the project Avya: The Best Portable Nasal Clearing Device Ever for Avya Family Full Kit Plus

Donated $399 on the project GoSun Fusion: The Solar Powered Electric Oven for GoSun Fusion + Bag

Donated $51 on the project Live Your Life Network - Connect, Learn and Live for [Not So Early Bird] Lifetime Access

Donated $5 on the project 5 American Presidents launch One America to help Hurricane Victims for Support Now. You will place your donation to the official one america appeal #donations website

Donated $41 on the project Next Generation Big Travel Wallet Premium Carbon Fiber for Pledge £32 - NOIRE Leather Travel Wallet

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