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Victoria Nielsen

IL, Al Mas`udiya



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Donated $60 on the project Perfected Wallet: Fast Smart RFID Protected and Stylist Collection for R.04 - PURIST (INNOVATORS)

Donated $1000 on the project Greylense photography calendar, where the best Pictures of the year get picked for the calendar for Thank you note

Donated $400 on the project UNO: World First Cross Device USB Type-C Magnetic Cable for UNO DISTRIBUTOR PACK (100 CABLE SETS)

Donated $119 on the project PleatPack - The Most Functional Tech Backpack Ever for Indiegogo Special Price(Black)

Donated $5 on the project 5 American Presidents launch One America to help Hurricane Victims for Support Now. You will place your donation to the official one america appeal #donations website

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