Chesney Wormgoor

Chesney Wormgoor

IL, Al Mas`udiya



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Donated $159 on the project Geburt: gorgeous fashion forward baby diaper bag Designed for moms for Geburt Diaper Bag

Donated $39 on the project Zucklight - Sleep Box, Wireless Charger, Air Quality System for 1x Zucklight Plus | Early Bird

Donated $32 on the project 3D Augmented Reality for Every Smartphone AR is the Future for 1x Aryzon Headset | Solo Kit

Donated $395 on the project Volterman Smart Wallet 5 functions; Alarm, GPS, WiFi, Battery, Camera for PACKAGE 365 (Gift Box)

Donated $29 on the project For Travelers: ultra fast and smallest universal travel adapter for Micro Adapter x1

Donated $629 on the project Mars Rover Creator Bot for Class set: 8 Creator Mini-Bots

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