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Avery Lavigne

IL, Al Mas`udiya



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Donated $160 on the project UNO: World First Cross Device USB Type-C Magnetic Cable for UNO CABLE PARTY PACK (10 CABLE SETS)

Donated $160 on the project Hubiz: the first audio gaming console (Canceled) for Pledge €160 or more

Donated $449 on the project TitanHub: Desktop USB-C Universal Laptop Docking Station for TitanHub—Group Pack

Donated $219 on the project Laibox Cam The First Modular Action Camera for Early bird set

Donated $46 on the project WOWSTICK: A 62 In 1 Pen-shape Desktop Tool | Match Any Desk. for WOWSTICK Pro Pack Kickstarter Special

Donated $673 on the project Automatic Farm - automation for insects livestocks for Gold pack

Donated $199 on the project QUBIS Wireless, Smart, Stylish Modular Entertainment for Qubis Mono Speaker Module

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