Antonio Thiel

Antonio Thiel

IL, Al Mas`udiya



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Donated $199 on the project Smartphone for Kids - call - video - texting - google assistant - GPS - Parental Controls for Early Bird - Novus Max

Donated $89 on the project WASHWOW | Portable Wash: Disinfect Device Without Detergent. for PURCHASE NOW

Donated $200 on the project TreePod: Spacious Hanging Treehouse Enjoy the Nature and Chill! for TreePod Lounger 4'

Donated $30 on the project Children of Ragnarok: Norse Mythology Enamel Pins! for ✨ Early Bird Three Pin Set ✨

Donated $500 on the project Army Run A New Military-Style Runner for iOS and Android for Patent Search

Donated $219 on the project MEZONE: Best-Sounding Snug-Fit True Wireless Stereo+ Earbuds for Mezone Wireless Set X3

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