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Isaiah Patterson

IL, Tel Aviv



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Donated $198 on the project Coolest Growing Systems | OGarden Smart: Grow An Indoor Garden for OGarden Smart (x2) 🌱Super Early Bird

Donated $99 on the project LED lighted stand Fits all! – lumiXstand for Super Bundle | Dimmer | Mount

Donated $56 on the project Escura Instant 60s | Hand-powered Instant Camera for KS Special (13% off)

Donated $50 on the project Children of Ragnarok: Norse Mythology Enamel Pins! for ✨ Early Bird Five Pin Set ✨

Donated $150 on the project The bFan® Cooler: more restful nights sleep for Purchase Now: bFan® Version B

Donated $309 on the project BladeX, The Slimmest On-the-Go Monitor. for Early Bird - BladeX Pro

Donated $559 on the project GoSun Fusion: The Solar Powered Electric Oven for Early Bird: Complete Hybrid System

Donated $129 on the project Zucklight - Sleep Box, Wireless Charger, Air Quality System for 3x Zucklight Pro | Super Early Bird

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