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Philippe Fortin

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Donated $0 on the project Genius Pack Supercharged: Smart Carry On Luggage for Launch Your Product

Donated $840 on the project The Plant Academy - A Culinary Kitchen School to Inspire and create for A Plant Life

Donated $8 on the project Connect: Digital Life Network in VR with Multi-Messenger for Basic Set + Early Access:

Donated $100 on the project Pillow Anti Snore for Good Sleeping for Discount 35%

Donated $13 on the project iFreqs Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Sturdy Mobile Holder for Super Duper Early Bird Offer

Donated $429 on the project World 1st True Smart Scanner CZUR Professional Book Scanner for CZUR ET16 Plus Professional Book Scanner

Donated $7500 on the project Army Run A New Military-Style Runner for iOS and Android for Help Advertise to Game Companies

Donated $899 on the project Zero Breeze The World’s Coolest Portable AC Unit: Purchase Now for ZERO BREEZE + 2 BATTERIES

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