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Basil Clement

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Donated $12 on the project The Thinking Egg symbolized life, wealth and promise. for The One (shipping not included)

Donated $269 on the project hifold A safe, portable and compact booster seat for hifold 3 pack

Donated $299 on the project Avya: The Best Portable Nasal Clearing Device Ever for 2 Avya Family Packs

Donated $70 on the project Greylense photography calendar, where the best Pictures of the year get picked for the calendar for one greylense calendar 2019

Donated $399 on the project World’s Most Advanced Muscle Recovery Tool: SPRYNG for FOUR PACK

Donated $349 on the project FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro: All-in-One Exercise Workstation for Early Bird Deskcise Pro™

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