Hafsa Sandbakk

Hafsa Sandbakk

IL, Al Mas`udiya



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Donated $299 on the project KERUO L7: Portable Smart Projector have a big screen in your hands. for Pledge $299 Keruo L7-Super Early Bird

Donated $500 on the project Unlimited Poles: World's most customizable ski poles. for HERO PACK (10X)

Donated $26 on the project The Thinking Egg symbolized life, wealth and promise. for The Nest (shipping not included)

Donated $0 on the project NuDock: smartphone docking station turns your phone to a computer while charging for Not Available

Donated $45 on the project Perfected Wallet: Fast Smart RFID Protected and Stylist Collection for R.04 - PURIST (INNOVATORS)

Donated $5 on the project Caroti | A Revolutionary Tea-like Drink Made from Carrots for Join Caroti journey

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