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Donated $100 on the project Pillow Anti Snore for Good Sleeping for Discount 35%

Donated $15 on the project CLAC Belt The Most Attractive Belt Ever, No Holes, No Buckle Needed for Magnetic Buckle

Donated $69 on the project Parents Manage Your Children with Smart Home Device and App for EARLY BIRD: Vimana Home System

Donated $99 on the project Expeditioner: The Smartest Toiletry Bag For a Wise Traveler for Combo Pack (1 Explorer + 1 Expeditioner)

Donated $12 on the project The Thinking Egg symbolized life, wealth and promise. for The One (shipping not included)

Donated $269 on the project ToothShower: An All-round Solution For Oral Care In Your Shower! for ToothShower x4

Donated $485 on the project AKTIVO Scoot – A light, powerful, and versatile scooter for everyday use. for Pledge $485 or more

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