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Donated $239 on the project hifold A safe, portable and compact booster seat for hifold 2 pack

Donated $430 on the project VARIANT | A Different Standard of Affordable Timepieces for Collectors Pack

Donated $149 on the project LaunderPal | The smart laundry basket that takes care of your clothes for Retail Package

Donated $49 on the project Revov - The Most Effortless Opening Coin Storage for Revov *1

Donated $79 on the project NuDock: smartphone docking station turns your phone to a computer while charging for NuDock x1

Donated $138 on the project KicoBox Cubical Robot Who turns into an interactive coding experience for KicoBox Racing Pack

Donated $14 on the project iFreqs Cutting-Edge, Ultra-Sturdy Mobile Holder for Super Early Bird Offer

Donated $218 on the project World’s Most Advanced Muscle Recovery Tool: SPRYNG for TWO PACK

Donated $75 on the project Mars Rover Creator Bot for Creator Mini-Bot!

Donated $239 on the project Monster X:The Powerful 100W Portable Mobile Power. for Monster X *3 Group Pack

Donated $2 on the project SHALLOW CREEK Anthology for SHALLOW SMILE

Donated $30 on the project HYDAWAY. The world’s most collapsible water bottle, reborn. for Pledge $30 or more 3rd Run. 28oz size at 15% off!

Donated $532 on the project ELO An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Plastic Straws for 50 x 21 Day Challenge

Donated $179 on the project Professor Einstein: Your Personal Genius Purchase Now for Purchase Now

Donated $120 on the project HYDAWAY. The world’s most collapsible water bottle, reborn. for Pledge $120 or more 2nd Run. 18oz + 28oz size

Donated $7 on the project Canbi: The World's Cleanest Smart Garbage Can for Support Us and Plant a Tree!

Donated $67 on the project Next Gen Anti-Pollution Virus Anti-Viral Mask With Botanicals for AusAir Double Mask Pack | EARLY BIRD

Donated $40 on the project Copper Branch powerful and responsible foods. Enjoy our 100% Plant-Based – Power Food menu for Food tasting event of Menu

Donated $25 on the project Taco Ninja Adventure for Deluxe Copy of Taco Ninja Adventure

Donated $250 on the project ProSocks & ProShields - Soccer innovation at your feet for Football Club 25 + 25

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Worlds Thinnest Luxury Bifold Wallet Made from Premium Materials

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Hubiz: the first audio gaming console (Canceled)

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Roadmap Planner

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