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Sofie Johansen

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Donated $119 on the project Grippz Mats; World’s First Acupressure Yoga Mat: Purchase Now for PURCHASE NOW - GRIPPZ MAT

Donated $230 on the project VARIANT | A Different Standard of Affordable Timepieces for Pre-Order Double

Donated $305 on the project NOMATIC A travel bag that can do anything for One 30L Travel bag

Donated $389 on the project BackStrong Chair Fixes How You Sit. the best chair in the world. for Order 1 BackStrong

Donated $12 on the project Firefly Advanced Situational Awareness Wireless Earbuds for Jabees Sports Armband

Donated $395 on the project Solstice, the Kinetic Clock for Solstice Clock Early Bird - Batch 2

Donated $39 on the project Zucklight - Sleep Box, Wireless Charger, Air Quality System for 1x Zucklight Plus | Early Bird

Donated $43 on the project ELO An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Plastic Straws for 18+2 Bonus Straw Party Pack

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